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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Blue Ridge POS

1.  24/7 support including online support (dial-up or broadband) for even faster service saving you valuable time and money.

2.  Our exclusive surveillance camera system shows you what they're pouring and what they’re ringing up!!

3.  Valuable tools, like Station Viewer, for monitoring any or all of your POS terminals from your office or even remote locations.
4.  The ability to remotely access and monitor all aspects of your business. (run reports or just watch your surveillance cameras )

5.  Free Manager cards for voids. (employees can't get your mgr numbers this way)

6.  Easy to follow custom Manual explaining step by step both front and back of the house procedures. (priceless)

7.  Over twenty five years combined experience installing and supporting POS systems. (means smooth installations)

8.  We don’t charge you our hourly rate from the second we leave our shop to drive to your restaurant!
(others do.)

9.  Blue Ridge spends more time custom programming your food and liquor menu items with modifiers
which makes ordering times faster.

10.  Affordable wireless from the company that pioneered the first PocketPC handheld install over
a year ago! Nice!